Out of boredom

A few random character creation ideas that have 0 chance if being implemented.

Night crawler

Black - teleports around the battlefield to strike each enemy. Does X amount of damage to each enemy per # of black tiles.
Red - slashes a single enemy with his sword, deals x amount of damage + teleports nightcrawler to back for 1 turn + 1 turn for every 10 red ap
Blue - nightcrawler teleports to safety for 1 turn. Enemy attack reduced by 20% for 1 turn.

The thing

Yellow - a rock slide destroys 1 row of tiles + deals x amount of damage to all targets
Blue - cripples opponent for 2 turns + deals x amount of damage for each blue ap
Purple / passive - every time the thing is damaged for >10% his damage received us reduced by 10%

Professor X

Black - aids ally increasing their ability damage by x for x amount of turns.
Blue- calms enemies for 2 turns
Yellow - heals allies for x amount + creates 1 protect tile

Human torch

Red - deals x amount of damage to primary target + 2% burn damage for 2 rounds
Yellow - creates a massive inferno deal x amount if damage to all enemies
Black - turns 3 yellow or red tiles into protect tiles

Any1 else have fun ideas? Some may seem more logical if I would name them but then I would have to make all and I don't wanna do that. Haha