Tournament and Patch Notes - 12/23

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Weekly Tournament - Earth's Mightiest Double Down
    The Avengers want to welcome their newest (re)-ally in style. By beating him up in two Tournies across the week. What better way to get The Hulk back in fighting trim? - Once the first Tournament ends, the second will begin automatically. - Only Avengers are allowed in this Tournament, and only those Avengers that were part of the team in that form. Sorry Black Widow (Original), you need to change clothes. - This Tournament is bracketed to 500 players per ranking section.
Special Comic Cover Packs available during the Tournament
    Avengers - Hero Point Pack containing only 2* or better Avengers characters. Avengers 5x- Hero Point Pack containing a 3+ Avenger and 4 other 2*+ character comic covers.

    - Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery hasn't been working to his satisfaction, so Logan has worked so that it properly counts the number of Yellow AP. Functionality is unchanged but Agents should notice a generally higher value of healing. - Tony Stark observed that his Iron Man (Model 40)'s Unibeam level up description used percentages which resulted in minor discrepancies in power, so he has requested S.H.I.E.L.D. to use actual numbers in the description. He has not changed his Unibeam in any mechanical way however. - Thor has noticed that his Thunder Strike was striking Green tiles when this is plainly an excessive use of power. He has remedied this and will no longer change Green tiles to Green tiles.

    - Just in the Nick (Fury) of time for the holidays, S.H.I.E.L.D. has opened the coffers and is giving out double the Iso-8 on any sales of the substance through the New Year.