Lack of Retaliation stacks

Before you would be able to retaliate against everyone that attacked you, but now it will only save one retaliation per stage, all the other attacks disappear.

It was much better before, at least you could what teams were beating/finding yours even you wouldn't want to retaliate. Now it feels like your ranking points just disappear.

I prefer the way it used to be and would like to see it changed back.


  • Yes, I noticed this too. I woke up this morning and had lost 150 points in the 3 Star tourney (grrr), from about 8 attacks. But I only had 4 options for retaliation.
  • Dayv
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    I noticed this in the 3* battle, but I wasn't playing it intently enough to raise a ruckus about it, in case it was a fluke.
  • Just noticed in avengers tourney retaliations are back to stacking properly. For me at least.
  • I hate it. Most of the time retaliations aren't worth it.