Can we get a kick butt Spidey???

I'm a huge fan of Spider-Man and I wish this Spidey could kick butt but no. He's a healer. Spider-Man should've been made to cause damage and not heal. He's not a side hero! Hes a hero with his main storyline and that has his own movies. He has some of the best villains in the marvel universe! Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage, Rhino and a bunch more! I think that it would be awesome if they re-released spidey that can really kick some booty! There's so many versions of spidey that there's no excuse for them not to do one. What are your thoughts? What heroes are in this game that are downgraded and deserve to be better than to be healers. I'm not hating on healers but they should focus on heroes that actually heal and make them into healers.


  • 4* black suit or iron spider?
  • I would LOVE a black suit spidey. However, since Venom is already in the game, and if it's going to be a 4*, it should be Cosmic Spider-man...
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    Typhon13 wrote:
    4* black suit or iron spider?

    I just hope that if they do a black suit Spiderman, they do it right...with the Symbiote.

    I'm also hoping that when they release (Eddie Brock) Venom, that the game treats the Symbiote the same as any other character. There should not be a team featuring (Symbiote Suit) Spiderman, (Eddie Brock) Venom, & (Dark Avengers Spiderman)Venom.
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    Idk much about comics but I'm judging based on spidermans fan base, his five movies and a TV show I used to watch when I was younger, I think it's fair to say he's a face of marvel, being defeated in movie popularity only by the avengers and Guardians of the galaxy. I think he's one of the most popular characters and he's not been done justice in this game. But that being said I'm glad hes there and he did have his moment in the sun once they patched thorverine and it was a long moment
  • I joined MPQ after the sun set on Spidey. I'd love to see him buffed a bit.

    I remember him being quite strong. Should be able to dish out some damage:

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    He certainly needs a buff, I think some sort of damage power would be the minimum needed. His healing makes no sense in terms of the character and is too expensive. His blue is also no longer any use as it is too expensive for what it does. I would like to see a Mags style rework, unlikely to happen though as this seems to only happen when the devs see a character as overpowered or they are implementing a different star version of a character. It is madness that one of the most popular characters is this bad
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    I would love if they introduced a 4* Symbiote Spider-Man.
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    camichan wrote:
    I joined MPQ after the sun set on Spidey. I'd love to see him buffed a bit.

    I argued this in another thread. Look at his agility. Why is it Hawkeye had,
    ( past tense. HAD)
    a passive dodge, when Spider-Man has a freaking spider sense?
    Nightcrawler should also have a similar dodge.