A way to speed Up healing time

Well this hasn't Been posted..but found a way to heal 2 members pretty effectively....It's in the Venom Event.. Called Great Responsibility Or Rescue Mary Jane.. You get to use Spider-Mans 2 awesome Abilities.. 1..( Yellow tile ability ) the heal for roughly 120+ Life for each Web tile... and ( Blue tile ability ) his stun which stacks stuns per Web tile,( This also count's towards Venoms web tiles which is awesome) ( It helps to move quicker if the main guys you are using don't have Yellow Or Blue colors but just the same ) Im not going to bother putting up the stats for the Rescue mary jane because trick is to heal as fast as possible.. which great responsibility mission is faster.. but both are same concept

Spider-Man LVL 18- 874 Health ( Great Responsbility Mission )
Yellow- 13 AP-- removes all web tiles and heals all allies for 136 for each web tile removed
Blue- 6 AP-- Adds a Yellow Webbed tile to the board and then stuns the enemy for 1 turn for each web tile on board.. MAX 5

Venom LVL 19- 1380 Health ( Great Responsbility Mission )
Black- 12AP- If there are 6 web tiles.. your guy is dead or he does 158 DMG
Purple- 5 AP- Adds only 1 webbed Green tile and 1 stun. ( does not stack stuns )

First your Two members you want to heal Must have at least 200hp Just because sometimes depending on your line up.. Game automatically puts your strongest character lvl which is probably the one being healed and sometimes computer gets insane stacks and could wipe out your guy =\ ..Takes about 3 minutes depending How skilled you are.. Basically.. just keep using spider-man until venom stuns you.. then Just start stunning back with your spider-man. Venom gets stunned depending on how many web tiles are on the board +1.. which gives you time to plan out your moves.. basically have him stunned around 3-4 and then use spider-mans Yellow ability.. and Boom.. 300-500+ heal to all characters.. ( Minimum Heal is 136. Maximum 2182. ) I try to stay around 4-5 web tiles.. because at 6 venom can eat you ( I have pushed my luck lol it was awesome tho ) Once you have him stunned at 2.. its a walk in the park.. just start setting up your turns. and Kill venom as fast as you can while doing th

Tips to go faster-
I use the Boost which adds 3+ Yellow, Red and Blue, Black tiles to your stock pile... it only Cost 100 each so total of 200 Iso.. and you can do this up to 3 times this way.. Healing a set of characters (2) Each go around.. so max of 6 Characters healed.. This automatically Adds 3+ Tiles which you are needing for Combo.. to speed it up.. Sometimes there arent enough blues on the board when Venom starts going off.. so once you get your first stack of blue (3) or more.. your ready to stun away!!!

I use Rag-Thor and Thor/Marvel Now as my main Line up.. With either Storm.. Or Daken.. Or a mix of these 4.. Thor's make Green and Yellow tiles.. (5) Helps speed up the processes for Spider-MAN..

Anyways Hope this helps!! I'm terrible at explaining things so i hope you guys get the Jist of it lol
I hope this doesn't get fixed.. Also..for you developers of the game.. MAKE ME A GAME TESTER hahaha... =) Nah, but really tho.. Please Add better Incentives.. Love the new patch.. wish it came out before =( i got so many missions done already and so many lame hawkeyes , storms, and juggs lol