Upcoming Patch Preview - 12/18

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Tomorrow's daily update will feature some changes to the following abilities...

Venom – Devour
    • Each major upgrade increases damage when under the web tile requirement by 50% of base damage. Fully upgraded it does 300% of base damage which is an increase overall. • There are no longer upgrades that decrease the number of web tiles required for instant-kill. It is a static 6. • The last upgrade no longer downs the entire enemy team, nor does it increase the web tile requirement to 8.

Hawkeye (Classic) – Take Aim
    • Level 1 now restricts valid targets to basic Purple tiles. • Level 2 adds Red. • Level 3 adds Yellow. • Level 4 adds Blue and Green. • Level 5 adds Black and Protect. • AP cost reduced from 18 to 8.