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Anyone else counting down the days until this is out?

I have pre-ordered the collectors edition (*) (includes Hulk before he's on general release). My MPQ time may suffer mightily.

The Guardians of the Galaxy characters are also available for pre-order.

(*) I'm guessing it's an edition for collectors, rather than The Collector's personal edition, seeing as he's fictional.

Here's some links in case it's news to anyone and


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    I'm kind of counting down to it (I'm weary of the price for collecting all Marvel characters though), but like you mentioned, MPQ might suffer less playtime due to the game (for me personally).

    I hope Disney Infinity Marvel has a huge (similar if not bigger than LEGO Marvel Superheroes) NYC.
  • I'm really looking forward to Disney Infinity Marvel. It looks like it should be a lot of fun.
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    Yippee! It is here!

    Well, the collector's edition (*) is in a shop in Porirua, but I've picked up the Spider-Man (includes Spider-Man and Nova) and Guardians (includes Starlord and Gamora) play sets, along with Rocket and Groot. It looks really good. Now all I have to do is go 10k out of my way when I head home tonight.

    (*) That edition includes Cap, Hulk and Hawkeye as well as the standard Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow.

    I may be gone some time...
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    An hour to load, download and apply updates (oh for the days when things were finished before being released), and load some more, and finally I get to play.

    It's an amazingly varied thing to play, with all the characters having their own powers and upgrade paths. And there's the potential for crossover, if you find 10 of the right kind of coin you can have Nova (from the Spider-Man set) or Rocket Raccoon (from the Guardians set) play in the Avengers mission.

    My kids are playing Avengers and Spider-Man, I get Guardians to myself because I have to have something. 5 hours they've spent on there today, mostly just flying around, picking up people and throwing them. Gives me more time playing MPQ and posting rubbish here, I guess.

    Oh, the collector's edition has a very cool base. has the official video.
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    That bloke who does the ctrl+alt+del cartoon (Tim Buckley) quite likes it:
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    Downloaded this on my PC, but I only had time to play two 30 minute sessions. Pretty fun. Mostly played the Daily Challenges. Also managed to reboot some sort of SHIELD generators, still not sure how to get back to that play mode.

    Apparently, you can play without purchasing any of the collectibles, but you are forced to play with a limited roster that rotates every few days. Not sure if the upgrades stick around. I currently have Hulk, Spider-Man, and Elsa available.
  • Marty17Marty17 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 503 Critical Contributor
    I know it's a longshot but I do wish they make 2 more playsets of Fantastic Four & X-Men.
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