PvP tapering?

djpt05 Posts: 178
I'm a US EST player and typically events either end at midnight for me Monday morning or for tournaments that are supposed to be more fair for other regions of the world (like the first No Holds Barred) they end at 9am while I'm at work.

I'm up at 5am so I'm typically putting the game down with 2-3 hours left in a tournmanet. Last night I went to bed at #1 and woke up at -240ish points and finishing top 50. This is starting to become demoralizing.

I know the whole "have tourneys end at different times" has been brought up before but I was also wondering if there was a way to have some sort of tapering system where players aren't punished for having to stop playing a few hours prior to the end time. Either they are attacked less or worth less points over time. Shouldn't there be some sort of modifier for number of victories, etc... ?

I played off and on all day yesterday. The current system seems to just reward players who jump in at the end.