Average team level brackets

Hello, long time player and lurker here.
I have a suggestion for brackets in the shield or other tournaments.
Make sections to choose from for PvP based on average team levels. Maybe you handle that internally already, and maybe you already factor in skill somehow.
The thing is if I want to play with my lower level characters, I am still pitted against max level 3-star teams. I want equal team match ups somehow.


  • OnesOwnGrief
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    Wouldn't this throw off the brackets if they were to match you in a low level one then you decide to use a higher level character? What's stopping people from abusing this? Also, what happens when you end up with something like The Hunt that recently passed in which a player can gain upwards of 10k ISO or more during the event and skyrocket their low level team to a higher level?
  • I was mainly thinking of using it in the SHIELD area. There would be a level limit while selecting your characters, so obviously if you upgraded a character he wouldn't be playable.

    I think the iso gain would have to be less, so it wouldn't be abused.
    I like the idea of iso prizes based on team level, or difference in team level.
    I recently got my brother to play this, so I was trying to think of ways to help a new player out for tournaments.