Facebook Friends To Share With

So, I essentially never use Facebook, but I am interested in getting some friends who are active in this game.
I assume that I just need to become friends with someone on FB that has their Dark reign account tied to their FB and we will be able to share prizes with each other? If so, anyone that frequently plays Dark Reign is welcome to PM for my Facebook info.


  • Hello Vegeta,

    I am also about to create a facebook account to add Marvel puzzle friends as I do not have a facebook account at this time. I disabled mine a while ago. I am willing to create a new one just to add folks for this wonderful game. I am currently stuck due to a bug , but will gladly add you and any other folks are friends to share the rewards. Will post when I have a facebook account and access to the game.
  • Sounds good, Nachin. I have 2 FB Friends for the game now, so I am looking for one more. I am assuming both are active and will share items with me occasionally, but if not I might have even more space.

    Wondering if it might be worth starting a seperate thread for everyone to post their FB info... Not sure how much interest there is.
  • Add me and if possible have your freinds add me. My FB is dr_nachinpbg@hotmail.com . I am very active(have placed tier 2 rewards in all tourneys). Play most of the day and expect to play alot more. Currently I am suffering from the stuck in tutorial bug and cannot play. But rest assured. Once that clears up I will be incredibly active.
  • I too would like to add some FB friends for trading cards. I am a very active player as well. Please PM me for requests and I promise to post anything and everything I find. Thanks!
  • I saw the Facebook thing in the game when it first came out and want to add friends too. I'll send you guys requests, I'm active and play for a couple of hours each day. Feel free to add me too to all of the future players, just send me a pm, thanks.
  • Add me if interested. John.skaar.7@facebook.com
  • Anybody feel free to add marcel.knight.98. This account will only have friends for this game.
  • volpsy@hotmail.com feel free to add me icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Feel free to add me https://www.facebook.com/Vaargen

    Would be great if you also msg that it's about MPG