Show News & Update Info automatically only once

I like seeing the news about patches & tournaments in game the first time it comes up but having to constantly click the close button because it jumps up in my face everytime I go in game is annoying. It'd be preferable to have them appear automatically only once (the first time you bring up the app after an update) and then have a place ("News" maybe) where you can navigate to and see it again if you choose to. Every screen I have to close in order to play just annoys me and keeps me from playing which keeps me from spending money on the game. I want to love you, Marvel Puzzle Quest! Why won't you let me love you? icon_e_wink.gif

Also, I'd prefer if the game didn't constantly tell me I only have 1 more cover slots; I have 17 of them for Pete's sake and I understand how the cache works. If anything, bug me when I have covers in cache otherwise leave me be to play the game. I don't need another screen to close every time I win a PvE match when I'm grinding. icon_razz.gif


  • Yes, this is really annoying. Two screens pop up after every single PvP match. Once every time I start the game would be enough