PS4 or ISO-8 Help!!!

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So, I just got my birthday money and am trying to decide whether to spend it on buying a new Playstation 4 or on ISO-8 to level up my characters. I don't have enough money to level all my 3 an 4 stars to max, but I could max the best ones. Or I could buy a PS4 and a game for it. My non MPQ playing friends think I'm crazy for even wondering and not just buying the PS4 already, but they don't understand how fun this game is and how long it takes to build up ISO-8, so I thought I'd ask here and get answers from people who've faced similar dilemmas.
Please help! I can't decide.


  • buy a PS4    
  • Easy choice, grab the PS4 and game. You will be playing it much longer and getting much more out of it long term than anything MPQ can offer. Also this may just be me personally but if you buy all the ISO and level up all your guys you don't have much to play for.
  • pchuan11pchuan11 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 22
    Buy a PS4.

    And never buy ISO-8. If you want to spend $$ in MPQ, buy HP when is on sale!
  • PS4. If you continue to play MPQ, the ISO will come in time.
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    Not even a close fight. PS4 all the way.
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    Never ever buy ISO unless you earn a lot per hour (like A LOT). How to earn ISO? Play PvE, play Versus, but most and foremost, play Lightning Rounds every week.
  • Agreed. PS4.
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    How is there any choice but PS4? If you need ISO, just farm Lightning Rounds.
  • PS4. You can grind the ISO in a couple of weeks
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    PS4, without looking back! By other side you will have less time for grinding for ISO with a PS4 on hands!
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