Extra covers

What do you guys do with covers you can't use anymore?

I have extra thor covers (he is at his max abilities lv) I was thinking of selling them, are there any other uses for extra covers?

It would be awesome to be able to give it to other users, or fb users...gift system.


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    edited October 2013
    Depending on the character and how good their abilities are, you can use the extra covers to start a second version of them where you specialize in a different build (assuming you can't max all the powers in a single build). Otherwise selling them is really the only other alternative currently.
  • I thought about it, but, building my current thor was mainly from in app purchases, but yeah, I could try.

    Maybe episode 1 will have more thor drops icon_e_smile.gif
  • You'd be better off selling it and making room for new characters as it seems like a waste of ISO to raise two of the same characters, especially since you can only use one at a time (or neither of them in certain tournaments). I say sell it and save your iso on another character