ISO rewards based on how beat up the team is.

Nonce Equitaur 2
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Have you ever finished a round with only 20 hit points left on the one surviving character, and no usable powers remaining?

If I want to dominate a round, Rags/Mags/Spidey will generally let me walk away unharmed.

However, what if cakewalks got almost no rewards, but barely won rounds got bit rewards? 1000 ISO if your team has less than 50 hit points left. 5 ISO if your team has more than 10,000 hit points left.

There could be a tournament sort of like golf -- say an event had 9 challenges, each playable unlimited times, and the score is the lowest total hit points your team had at the end of that challenge. The winner of the tourney would be the one that had the lowest total score for all 9 challenges.


  • Wouldn't people just game the system to stomp the enemy nearly to death, then purposely allow some damage through?

    It seems like bonuses should be for things like Heroic Effort cascades (which are in this game, but only have a little musical fanfare) or other skill moves. But then, there are some characters whose abilities are specifically set up for cascades...
  • As someguy points out, this would be rather easily exploited.

    If MPQ ever institutes an achievement system, though, "win with only X HP remaining" should definitely be one of them.