I want to spend money on this game BUT.....

Open letter to the developers :

I like to consider myself an early adopter. Within the first week of the game launch, I must have spent around 150 dollars on Hero Points. This is not a small sum. The game was fresh, the thought of collecting characters was exciting. Eventually I realize I totally got suckered. I was initially over the moon to get a Spidey, a Ragnarok and even Wolverine X-force. Only to discover 1 or 2 card doesn't mean jack sh*t. I don't have access to other abilities unless i spend more, and to level up I need to spend more money too. (and this was when abilities does not stop at 5 - so you can imagine how many cards i had to invest to get a decent character).

If you look at the shop now - the pricing is ridiculous. 128 dollars for 20,000 HP - if for some crazy reason i want to max out the abilities for Invisible woman, 128 dollars is not enough. First i am assuming I HAD all the abilities to begin with, then i had to spend 2500 HP to increase 1 level. And your last "Black Friday" sale was a joke too - 5% off , pbth....

If I bought ISO instead, 60 bucks gets me 25,000. This isn't enough to max out a character. If i am lucky i get a 20 level boost.

So a few months has passed, and I am still playing the game. But i have not spent a single cent since. The events are giving me all the ISO and Hero Points that i need. People who grind will get more, and that is a good thing as it makes the game sticky and addictive.

Right now , I have no incentive to spend money. The new characters suck that i don't care if i don't get them, I am happy with my now maxed out Ragnarok. ISO points is abundant so who cares about spending money on ISO.

So my question to you is - how much money are you really making from the game? And are you happy with it?

Personally i cannot imagine people throwing money at this game, maybe a few bucks here and there to try the luck at getting a character. But essentially it is not necessary. Maybe the money is good enough for a side income, but i don't see you buying a new Porsche.

This brings me back to the topic of the post. I WANT and I am WILLING to spend money on the game; but you don't seem to want it. I am sure there are many people out there like me too who doesn't mind doing a micro transaction. But you have not got me interested or excited enough. (my account name is morphy - you can verify that I am not joking when i said i spent more than 100 bucks at the start)

There is money out there for you to make from people like me - but you need to do something. For a start , give me more HP or ISO if i am going to spend more than 50 bucks. Then make it worth it to buy more characters...

In conclusion - if making money isn't really your thing....why bother making it a Free to Play game. Since everyone is grinding anyway and not giving you money - might as well just charge 2.99 for the game and be done with it. Give me an offline mood too as this game sucks the hell out of my battery life.

Thank you - this is my 2 cents.


  • I agree. I would be happy to sink a few dollars into the game as I'm very much enjoying it BUT I'm not willing to spend *that* much money to just get a small amount of ISO that I stumble upon just through playing all the PvP tournaments. Surely there would be a lot of people like this out there. If I could max out a character for $20 bucks I would pay that.
  • I agree with this sentiment. I spent money the first few weeks and not a penny since.