Challenge modes for PVP

This is just a repost. It's more appropriate for this section.

I know I am not alone when it comes to wondering how the AI works and also get frustrated when I lose games to teams that seem slightly impractical. I was wondering IceIX if in the next patch or ones to come if you could install an option in the game that allows you to choose what your team does on defense.

Example: I would like a menu that gave my team the option of focusing their AP on a certain skill rather than just using the immediate skill that the AP has been generated for (Black Widows Sniper Rifle @ 19 AP rather than Ragnaroks Godlike Power as soon as 6 are in storage)

Also, if there is a way to continuously use the power granted you have the AP that would be awesome. I would get annoyed thinking that I'd use Forest Fire on defense and have 20+ Red AP only to know Rag used it once per turn. He probably doesn't even use it if there is an "Extra move" cascade. It's kind of frustrating.

Lastly, as and game you don't want to scare off new players. I understand this method would be difficult for new players to beat the elite players so I propose a "Challenge" method. Players can opt to play in challenge methods where this is allowed. Any player who wins these matches get a substantial increase on Iso rewards. Also, if a defensive player wins, perhaps grant a small amount like 50 Iso per battle.