Communication, Daken Changes, San Diego Comic-Con

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Hey everyone,

First off, we just want to say that we are aware of the challenges we are facing here in the forums. We know information isn't always timely and that there are times where changes aren't messaged at all. We are working to improve this.

Even if we don't respond, we are always listening to comments. We love the well thought out feedback and have incorporated some of the valuable input into our planning for the game so please keep it coming.

We know you guys like to get info from IceIX. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the POV), he wears A LOT of hats around here, some of which are absolutely vital to keeping the game running. That has to come first. So...

We are already in the process of hiring a Community Manager. Of course, finding the right person will take some time. This may not solve all the problems, but adding a community representative whose job is centered on bringing information out on time, gathering feedback and making sure that the fanbase's voice is heard, will ultimately have a positive impact.

Also, while we're talking about communication, we hope you feel like we do that, over the last few weeks, customer service response time has improved as we have brought in additional support people. We heard your feedback and made changes to improve that experience, and while we expect it to get even better as time goes on, we hope there's been an immediately noticeable effect to you guys. If not, please let us know.

In other news, we have put the changes to Daken on hold for now. The folks here raised a really good point that the timing of the Daken rebalance wasn't good. When we have a lock on the direction we will be taking those changes, we'll message them here.

We've got some awesome changes in the pipe and we are excited to share some news about the game in the Marvel Games Panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 26th (Room 6A 12:30PM PST)

Thank you all and please keep-on keeping in touch.

-The Marvel Puzzle Quest Team