Fix customer service tickets or get rid of them.

This is just constructive criticism, I want this game to succeed, but you have to realize that from a Customer Service standpoint, "Sometimes (often) tickets get lost" is COMPLETELY unacceptable. I had 2 tickets early on that I submitted and never got responded to. By the time I found the forum a week or so later and read that the ticketing system was glitchy, I had already forgotten the specifics of my request.
It CAN'T be that hard to implement a system that can verify whether a ticket reached the appropriate destination or not. For example, another game I play sends me an email simultaneously with the message being sent to the customer service inbox, with a ticket number etc.
If you can't make the ticketing system verifiable, then honestly you should get rid of it. Replace it with a link to email directly. In the restaurant industry, and I'm sure most industries across the board, poor service and/or unanswered complaints are the #1 reason that a customer stops returning to that store. I fear you will lose some new players when they get frustrated that their tickets are not responded to.