Spam ability button

Tongue-in-cheek suggestion here... icon_e_wink.gif

Be handy to have a "spam ability" button for low AP offensive abilities.
Got a IM40 feeding red to Rags... At a certain point it gets exhausting spamming thunderclap dozens of times in a row..

So cheap, I know... icon_twisted.gif


  • I used to want that too, but then I realized that I would rather be able to control the board better by using it only one at a time instead of all at once.
  • Maybe a last used button would work. I'd really like it if the animation only played the first time you use the ability. Even if that resets every turn. There are times when I'm spamming webs so I can heal, and it doesn't matter how stunned the guy is. If I could just get the webs up easily, that would be cool. Plus, it would let you take breaks if you see a match 5.
  • This is why Ragnarok is such a drag to play. Two abilities, cheap, not a lot of damage. Gotta spam to use.