Red Exclamation Point

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I sometimes see a red exclamation point on someone's character portrait. What does this mean?


  • You should also see a red "150%" in the current Avengers PvP tournament with Cpt America or any Hawkeye cover; this means those characters are hitting for 150% damage (or should be, there's a slight bug). See the quote below from this thread (
    IceIX wrote:
    Sigh. I apologize. This is what I get for doing my secondary fact checking on a pre-release build instead of the Live version.

    What I stated above *should* be the case. There's a bug currently in Live that is throwing the numbers off and showing exactly what you're seeing. What's happening now is that it's BaseColorStrength-1*Multiplier:

    Basic/outside tournament: 13/15/ 5/ 4/16/ 5
    Modified w cur calculation: 12/14/ 4/ 3/15/ 4
    Actual dmg in tournament: 30/35/10/ 9/39/11

    The Green, Purple, and Black Color strengths are +/- 1 because the actual color strengths aren't whole numbers, they're rounded. That 3 is more like 3.6 which is then 3.6+3.6+1.8=9

    So, yes, you're absolutely correct. And this bug is most definitely a known issue that will be fixed, but I'm unsure if it'll make it into R40.