Mandatory characters: why?

Devs: This has been juggled in the forums for awhile, but can I request an official response here?

Question: what is your intention when it comes to levels for which team members are mandatory?

I would imagine the reason is something like "to encourage players to use other team combinations"...?
But if this is the case, how on earth do you explain Invisible Woman in the current "The Hunt" levels?

She's so new (is she even in the cards yet?) that nobody's going to have here leveled up sufficiently to actually use her skills...espectially when there's other buffed characters that have much better yellow, blue and green. a matter of fact, pretty much ALL the buffed characters would supercede using her abilities.
...and to have her mandatory on the hardest levels no less...

The only reason I can see for doing this is to essentially force a 2-member team (Invisible Woman being useless baggage), as an extra challenge...

Suggestion: supply versions ofnthese characters that are leveled, buffed, and have all skills, so so there is actually some incentive to try them out.


  • Puritas
    Puritas Posts: 670 Critical Contributor
    Maybe rewarding players who put the effort into earning them from earlier events with a minor advantage?
  • I notice that no "supplied" IW is available...
    Does this mean that players without any IW covers can't play the level at all?
    ...if so, then ya, I guess it is a bonus for those with covers...