The Hunt - points and scoring system

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Ok so after a couple days of extensive plat on this new contest this is what I have determined (hopefully I'm fairly accurate)

1. Each mission you complete has an effect on EVERY mission. This does not mean every mission in that sub category, but every mission in "The Hunt"

2. You have 3-4 repeatable missions for each sub category, these missions seem to have beginner , intermediate, and advanced such as in events in the past.

3. The event is not designed for you to farm each mission as a separate entity.

Allow me to explain my conclusions. For example when I 1st wake up I have not played for 6-8 hours. At this point my covers r full health and I have full revives. In Alaska we have 3 repeatable missions at the right side of the map. They may rank say 450 - 75 - 45 points or something of that nature. These point totals slowly rise the more time you are inactive. I have seen the top mission be worth 650 points. My strategy would typically be do the 450 point mission 1st while full health. Depending on my remaining health I would trickle down to gather some points off the easier levels before reviving again for the big dogs. Well what you should take notice to is that in doing so I am throwing away many potential points. There may be another 400+ ,500+, whatever in another sub category and obviously we had a large scoring mission we just completed. The problem is after I completed the 450 mission the 3 scores are now worth 350 - 65 - 35. Not only have these 3 missions dropped but others in the other sub categories as well. When I start farming the intermediate mission I complete it maybe 2-3 times for say 180 points and now the final mission has dropped from 350 to 160 without ever touching it.

My final conclusion is that in order to maximize points you have to stay fighting the highest difficulty in which you can compete when it is at highest points. For example if I only fight the final Alaska mission I may fight it at 600,500,425,370, 300,220(hypothetical numbers) where as if I would fight the intermediate mission I may score 85,75,65,50,35 etc etc. while the entire time the main mission still drops.

Hopefully this will be useful to those of you not in my bracket icon_e_smile.gif haha!


  • Final conclusion -

    There were 3 submissions. Alaska, Florida, savage.
    At the end I finished some of the 230's in Alaska / Florida and made sure I had all tokens / 500 ISO rewards.
    I did NOT grind out the last set of the Alaska submission because for 1, I didn't know it was the last 1 and also because I saw no need. This turned into me zeroing out on savage only in top 50 despite massive play.

    To win I think that on the final set of EACH submission you must grind to nearly 0.
    IE : grind Alaska as much as possible in final 1-2 hours of its last set.
    Grind Florida final 1-2 hours on its last set.
    Finish strong last 30-45 minutes of tourney.

    From what I can see from when you start points rose steadily, so it was as simple as join whenever you feel like it and then do awesome on the last set of submissions.

    I know it's kinda useless in hindsight when such an event will most likely not repeat with the same scoring system but I at least wanted to give some insight because I for one like to finish what I start, and I started trying to figure out this system at the beginning. Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right, but I think that's how some people out scored others. Some waited for only last mission and some hit harder on *all 3* final submissions.