Achievements and rewards

How about we have some achievements implemented into the game. Here are some ideas to help newbies or fee players:

Lose to rag 50 times in pvp or pve- 1 green rag
Lose to rag 100 times in pvp or pve- 1 red rag
Lose to rag 500 times in pvp or pve- game rage quits and deletes it self icon_twisted.gif
Lose 100 times in pvp- 1 standard token
Lose 250 times in pvp- 1 heroic token
Lose 500 times in pvp -1 3* token
Lose 1000 times in pvp- 1 4* token (when enough 4*s)
Unlock 25 cover slots- 1 slot free
For every character maxed lvl- 1 2* token or better

More ideas are welcomed