Marvel vs Capcom

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Any fans of this game and fighting games in general, there's a tourney going down at tonight and tomorrow. NEC 14. Check it out.


  • Might as well re-use this thread to let people know Capcom Cup is going down tomorrow (Saturday the 14th). It is the culmination of various qualifiers thay have taken place throughout the year. Quite a few Japanese players will be there. ... nformation

    Stream at:

    There'll be an exhibition for the upcomiing Ultra SF4, as well as I heard rumours surrounding UMVC3.
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    Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I am so disappointed I didn't get a chance to purchase MvC2. I bought the holiday PS3 bundle during Black Friday, so I don't have many games for it. Found out about a sale, but I forgot to check when I got home. Now the game has been removed from PSN. icon_mad.gif