Suggestion: Allow Respecs Post-Patch

I've been playing this game since day one and have seen a lot of changes, both good and bad. The addition of new characters is great, but the healing nerfs, for instance, are negative, as playability is decreased. No reason why leveling shouldn't heal, but that's besides the point.

There have been a few ninja-nerfs to Classic Storm leading up the huge nerf today on her yellow passive. Which is fine, it was completely over-powered and allowed a lot of abuse. The problem is building a character around an attack (while ignoring others) and severely nerfing that attack not only kills the build, but has a few other negative implications. I ignored the green power, leaving it at level 3. If I wanted to respec her properly, I'd need 13 new cards and an ungodly amount of points to bring her back to level 85. Other characters have changed, with Moonstone coming to mind off the top of my head (forget if there are others at the moment). I also ignored Moonstone's buffed power, now messing up my build for her as well.

If you're going to nerf characters, at least give us a recourse to fix our builds without having to completely re-train the character. It took me weeks to get two characters maxed, and unfortunately Storm was one of them. I understand not allowing us to simply dump yellow cards to green, but at least let us take away the yellow cards we used on her, opening up green. Otherwise I'm pretty disappointed. Most games allow for respecs for this exact reason, and if you're going to tweak powers adversely, it seems you have to add this as a counter to that. Otherwise you're punishing dedicated players, like myself.


  • This has to be a required part moving forward. I can't imagine people being happy at all when changes to their players are made. There's no reason why this shouldn't be in the next two patches. This has to be at the top of the list right now. It can't be somewhere on the "to discuss" list in lieu of more new characters.
  • Yes please.
  • A reasonable and fair way to do this might be to allow players to sell back covers off an existing character, immediately after a patch affecting that character. That would freeze the character's level, discouraging doing so, but it would free up the slot to bring in new covers.

    Obviously this really hurts if you've spent real money for the HP to get covers, but it's better than being stuck with a bad build.
  • I'm bumping this to see what IceX thinks.
  • I'm bumping this to see what IceX thinks.

    He's responded before that it's definitely on the list of things they'd like to implement, but that it's not a simple fix. It's definitely on their radar tho.