Rarity and abilities

So, I have to ask (and this is directed to the Dev's), was Ability Rarity ever discussed as a method of team building, but instead we got character rarity?

Allow me to elaborate.

Currently, the way teams seem to progress is the higher the rarity of team members, the better off the team seems to be. I.e. Spidey, Punisher, and The Hood, for instance. Fair enough, a somewhat decent 3 star team. But doesn't that also limit the style of how a player wants to play?

Whereas, with Ability Rarity, instead of variations of a character becoming progressively stronger according to character rating, instead we could have C.Storm and M. Storm, as an example, end up with the same max level/stats/health, and just attribute rarity to each ability instead.

This seems more like a play as you want way of doing things. As it stands, it appears this way funnels you towards certain ability groupings, and with such limited availability per character rarity, it seems to.... homogenize party makeup. Whereas, the other route would have allowed say Doom/M. Black Widow/IM 35 to be a viable team without being particularly weak in health overall.

Was this ever considered, or was there too many cons to this idea/game build compared to the current build?

Not saying to change anything, because I'm still here playing. Just was thinking maybe that was on the table at some point.

P.s. Fix Bagman.