Rubber banding effect?

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So uhm... I got it, that there were changes made between the last PvE events, but can anyone explain to me, how exactly its currently working?

I did the first mission of the Hunt Event and it tells me the 2nd mission will give me 98points.

I get it, that that can move up and down, but does anyone know by how much those points can varry and also how it depends on ur current rank?
(I get the high rank - low points part, but do we have any exact details? o.o)

Thankies :3


  • From observation:

    Points can range up to 500pts for a win, right down to 0pts. 0pts is obtainable if you "farm out" a mission… eg, you repeat it too much.

    The missions "recharge" to a degree to a minimum points value (varies, and it's not much, maybe 20-40pts for most of them) after a while if you farm them out and then stop.

    Points values per win are based in your standing overall in "The Hunt", not the particular sub-mission.

    Edit: I've now seen individual mission totals go in excess of 1500pts.