The most annoying sound in the world

Nonce Equitaur 2
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There is finally a sound to beat out Jim Carrey's sound at

It's the "squeak" "squeak" power activation. It's a new sound from the Dec 3 patch, and it's a dreadful sound effect.


  • Yeah, I cant believe this is intentional so I stuck it in the bug forum, but the suggestion forum is as good a place as any.

    Please for the love of god and my ears, revert the sound to before!
  • Upcoming Patch Preview - R44
    Unread postby IceIX » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:07 am

    This client patch is largely backend for the client to enable further support on future features and ability to change things server-side without requiring as many data side changes. Not to say that those won't come regularly, but things are progressing.

    - Heavily revamped the Comic Pack Store display
    - Added check marks on earned progression rewards in Events and Tournaments
    - An icon now displays instead of a numerical value when a character is buffed
    - Updated the ability firing UI to show cost and a charge bar instead of just numerics

    - Fixed another occurrence of Events appearing greyed out when they should be active
    - Ability UI sounds when full are now 100% less ear shattering

  • Okay uh... the sound is still there. icon_mad.gif