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    This whole rubber banding system has been silly for awhile now, and I hope a botched 10-day event will spur them to do something about it.
  • #3, or #2. Either way, I get the prize!
  • I too fell, but I don't really mind too much. Punisher will be available, no worries.
  • AdamMagus wrote:
    AdamMagus wrote:
    No one's catching Bainee in my bracket, he has a good cushion, am at # 6 and my girlfriend (Mecathica) is #5, I see Shuino at #4, it's coming down to the wire for 3rd place!

    Good luck everyone in your brackets!
    Curious, what do the points look like?

    #1. Bainee 47,582
    #2. Theweaponx. 47,307
    #3. Omega79 47,271
    #4. Mecathica. 47,263
    #5. Shyino. 47,247
    #8. Adam Magus. 47,203
    I feel just a tiny, tiny tiny bit better knowing that I'm losing to you, Bainee. Im stuck at 112th place and steadily dropping. =/
  • #1 easily icon_e_smile.gif
  • Officially 61. Completely livid right now.
  • Yes! I got #3!
  • Waiting for my rewards!
  • DumDumDugn wrote:
    #1 easily icon_e_smile.gif

    i did the same thing as you and i can stand here and tell people "oh plan better, etc, etc"

    but i'll come out and state the rubberbanding is completely broken.

    started at rank 200, played 1 hour, rank 1.

    as much as i love the fact that i loooooooove not having to play so much and destroy my soul, the people who played consistently should be awarded more than us and frankly, we gamed the system.

    the best idea is just to make a ton of progression rewards, and no placement rewards for pve. there's no gd fix for this.
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    jozier wrote:
    Floating at #1-#3 the entire tournament. I have no more missions. Currently #8. Names I've NEVER seen before are ahead of me.

    That's ****.

    Same in my bracket, first filled with the usual forum people now that its winding down the top 10 is no longer the same, like 70% are people I've never heard of. Bainee is hanging in at #1 though his lead is dwindling, was close to 300 now it's ~114 points
  • Where's my Savage Land Rewards?
  • 30 mins left, in 1st by 20 pts. 3 mins left... in 1st by 200+ pts. Procrastinating pays off lol.
  • Pretty annoyed about this. They had a week to balance the rubber band out. This kinda **** is what has made me move on from other games
  • Is it me or did the rubber banding get a lot weaker. I had an hour to get 1000 points to retake first and I couldn't manage.
  • This is stupid... I am pissed. They better give all of us at least 1 punisher card... Actually they should give everyone in the top 600 or something all three and 600 and above one or something. This really pisses me off. We can't compete she. We don't have any points to get and others are getting 1000 for one battle. All the money and time we all invested into this...
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    Man. This rubberbanding thing is just stupid. I barely tried in this tournament. I didnt even farm the repeatable missions most of the time. Then just farming the last 3 rounds of 3. I'm sure there are people who worked harder. Kinda silly imo.
  • I ground for the last hour, and *think* I ended up top 15 (was twelfth with a 20-point cushion when I started my last event). Not what I was hoping for with being top 3 for most of the week, but not disappointing given the massive ISO I collected throughout the event. If there was an ongoing PvE competition like this (but with no main bracket), I'd be a very happy camper.
  • Ranzera wrote:
    Is it me or did the rubber banding get a lot weaker. I had an hour to get 1000 points to retake first and I couldn't manage.

    I also noticed this. Everything was about 1/3rd of what it was for the last two sub-events. Rank was maybe 50 places higher than when I started the other two.
  • there is initial outrage that will die down after the punisher is rewarded in every tournament for the next month.

    but brackets in pve events, i'm beginning to think its generally a bad idea.
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    Took first in mine. Only needed to grind the last 20 minutes.

    I still don't understand why you can't view your bracket after the matches are over. You'd think it'd be pretty easy to compile and display the info.
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