cannot connect to facebook

I try to connect and it gives me a webpage not available. The internet is working fine, its just this one page will not load. I've been trying for 2 days now with no luck.


  • Have you visited facebook to see if you have been locked out of your account?
  • I can log in fine. I just made it for the game a few days ago and only added 1 person so far with no plan on throwing out tons and tons of friend requests. This is the error message I get:

    [url=fbconnect://success#access_token=CAADCEdsP7EABAJuugKn9HfPtv1lt1xdZCCq2bTkOnYM4jGCTZCHAq7ZCP0ZB9ZCa52h7HJ0XiFZCuoG0mCxAU65EBZATtXD7iYLZC4FFlqFQw4xeG33TaZAmY6uF59fhQZAN9USQZALxZC8L19H6Vb2BidQRnWqZAwi1L4cbi07Kw89rCqu8IEUUZC3jZCYY5ZBNDjZA82fss2QgJHHGl3w4HRft9kZCFI&expires_in=5184000]fbconnect://success#access_token=CAADCE ... in=5184000[/url]

    Goes with a "webpage not available" ...and again, its not my internet.

    Just goes straight to this page every time when I try to log in (after putting in my account info in). It's not end of the world, as I've played sans free facebook points, but the lost "income" is palpable at times just by seeing how many I myself send in any given day (well...have the option to send and have to decline).