My Pitch for Marvel Heroes

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Hi fellow marvel fans, I know this has been done before, but I want to make a pitch for Marvel Heroes 2015.

Until the recent True Healing debacle, I have been playing tons of Marvel Puzzle Quest, during breaks, meals and even at home. Thankfully, D3P decided to bite the bullet and release me from the tendrils of their game, so that I may once again enjoy the Diablo-esque wonder that is Marvel Heroes 2015.

A Brief Description of the Game

Marvel Heroes 2015 is a true free-to-play online Diablo-type game. An action RPG, you take control of your favorite superhero running around defeating baddies and supervillians alike, while trying to be less disturbed by the number of clones running around in the game icon_e_wink.gif . There is a short story mode that accompany the game, which has certain benefits of completions like a permanent HP/Energy boost and additional skill points which go towards your final build. Other than that, there are different modes of game play that players focus on depending on their goal.

Why Should You Play The Game

Your Favorite Heroes Are There

So many of the fan favorites are in the game, and the company is always seeking to push new characters (characters, not skins) to the players. They have Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon and other of your less quirky faves. Each character comes with a selection of skins (that to be honest rarely drop, might as well purchase them) and their own quips. Heroes also talk to each other when they walk past each other! You will hear Cable telling Hawkeye not to bring a bow to a gun fight, Thing asking Hawkeye if anyone ever found him useful, and Loki taunting Hawkeye... well, you get the idea. icon_e_biggrin.gif

The Game Is Truly Free To Play and Definitely Not Pay To Win

The game starts with one free character in a limited pool, and will unlock after you finish a tutorial of sorts. The characters hold their own against other "premium" characters. Hawkeye, for one, has excellent AOE/DPS skills. As you play, the game consistently drops one of its multiple collectibles - the Eternity Splinters (we were told at a rate of at least one every seven minutes, but lately it has been faster). Eternity Splinters can be traded for new characters, or Ultimate tokens. Ultimate tokens are the only way to improve your hero's Ultimate skill. They cannot be bought with cash, and for most players, is the last area of improvement for an otherwise fully-geared character.

The Game Is Not That Expensive Either

Let's be honest, companies are out to make money. So what do Gazillion make money off? Pretty much everything. But for me, I bought a X-Force Pack, which came with Cable, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Colossus, a bunch of their costumes, and their specific stashes. Stashes are storage space you purchase with the game's cash-based currency. It is one of the only thing that requires actual cash without any alternatives. I also bought a bit of that currency to buy more generic stash for my characters, and went on to buy more character-specific stash for some of the other characters I love.

What could I buy in Marvel Puzzle Quest with that amount of money? About 6 three-star covers without the ISO-8 to level up the character.

There Is So Much To Do!

The game is always expanding not only in terms of roster, but also game play. The developers continually build in new game play (the latest being the Omega System, an arduous impossible-to-complete Alternate Advancement system, and also raids), but also new ways to better your characters. They have been adding equipment slot and is always in the process of new and innovative ways of doing so. One of the things they added previous were Legendaries, which are equipment of the likes of Excalibur and Apollo's Golden Bow. The Legendaries provide massive bonuses to your characters, but they need to be leveled up to be of use to your character, so that will be more grinding for your character. By the way, Legendaries cannot be bought, only grinded for. It all may seem tedious, but there is a lot of satisfaction improving your characters bit-by-bit.

True Diversity And Roster Benefits

I think I have mentioned it up there, but a hero's power is not measure by his price in the store. And over time, a lot of the hero's powers are normalised, so everyone has a fighting chance.

But one of the beauty of the game is the Synergy system. The Synergy system give your current characters passive benefits based on the heroes in your roster. You will have to level those characters to 50 though, but once you do, any of the heroes you play can benefit from these Synergy benefits from them.

In Summary

There is so much to be said about the game, and how much Marvel is in it, but I rather all of you give it a chance, play a bit of the starter characters, and get to a point where you experienced all the different aspects of the game to judge. Cheers. icon_e_biggrin.gif


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    So ... not on iTunes?
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    Downloaded through Steam and will give it a try, thanks!
  • I concur, Marvel Heroes 2015 is great fun. I found it just about a month ago but already I've spent something like 50-60 bucks to the game and unlike in MPQ I feel no huge regrets about that. Great dev communication in the forums, too (wink wink, nudge nudge).