Strategic abilities

I'd like to see more "strategic" abilities. By that I mean abilities which force the player to make a decision as to when is the optimal time to activate.

Presently, some examples are:
1) Effect based on number of tiles on the board (C.Magneto (purple))
2) Effect based on number of tiles in hand (Wolvie (green), C.Storm (green))
3) Effect based on number of special tiles (Spidey)

Additionally (I know I've suggested before, but it belongs here too)
4) Effect based on character health (specifically for "tank" characters)

For future abilities such as these, I think it'd be interesting to make them purely based on variable criteria (i.e. no "base" effect).

This would give maximum strategic gameplay... i.e. "should I activate now...or wait just one more turn where I might get better returns..?"


  • I think also a wider variety of passive abilities would be great. I always tend to gravitate toward/build my strategies around passives because I forget things very easily, and so it's better for me to plan ahead and know something will go off when I need it rather than relying on my faulty memory to be sure that I use abilities in the correct order, or on the right enemy, etc.
  • As someone posted in another thread. I like the idea of being able to activate powers that increase in AP cost early for less effect. So if you wanted to just get the red AP for IM40's recharge, you could activate it at 6 AP instead of having to get 14 because you leveled his yellow up all the way.

    I also would like to see more variations of Bullseye and Daken's passives where matching certain colors come with a penalty of some sort.

    I've mentione it before, but I'd like to see an ability that had all three characters attack. I think a 3* Captain could have an Assemble ability. Either he has a passive or places a tile that allows all three to attack unless it is destroyed. The animation and turn order would still be the same.

    Also, I'd like to see an ability that is dependant on all AP. So if you're going in without a full rainbow, that neglected color still helps out.

    Maybe another ability that meshes with environmental tiles. Storm modern's Mistress of the Elements is the only one I can think of. Maybe so and so scouts the terrain and adds environmental tiles. I do think that some environmental tiles need to be reworked before this though.