ISO Prize Amount in Tournaments

Does anyone else think the ISO prize in tournaments should be increased? 250 ISO seems pretty laughable to me when someone gets to the top of the leader boards. That only covers a tiny portion of ISO that is needed to level up your character for the cover that you just unlocked. I know that you get ISO for fighting other opponents in the bracket, but 250 doesn't seem "prize" worthy, maybe it could be boosted up to 1000 ISO at least, just so we get into the quadruple digit marker icon_e_biggrin.gif


  • I have to disagree on this one, if you set the return on this too high, it becomes a 'must' for the power-gamers so that instead of moving on after they've won all their cards, they'll keep coming back and dominating the scoreboards in order to power-level every last one of their Black Widow variants only to trash the cards that everyone else is fighting to get. There will always be a bottleneck in progression, which is good to a point (from a business POV) because it encourages engagement, but if it gets too extreme, that same bottleneck could start to chase players away. I don't know a lot about the math behind f2p, but it seems like there's a pretty fine balance between what will drive spending and what will drive attrition.

    The ISO in a PvP tournament is lagniappe. The real prizes are bragging rights and covers, and I think that focus is necessary.