Env Effects Should be Based on Level

Environmenal tile effects should be based on the level of the character activating them.

When I first started playing, I'd sometimes go for the city tiles as the 50 health to the whole team was worth it.
Now I avoid them, as they're not useful at all...

Ditto with the castle environment: +3 dmg tiles? Useless.

If these effects would scale with the character level though, I'd be a whole different story...


  • Good idea, but before considering that, I hope they would do away with the boosted crit multiplier. As bad as that is now, it would be worse if this were implemented.
  • I like them as is. City and latvia are far less reliant on those tiles and make for a very different match experience than forest and science facility? Environments. The high level.of Latvia is cheap to reach and decent, its the tiles that are ridiculously weak. City is the same situation except the higher level is more expensive. Since there are no "no environment" matches, city is as close to that as you can get. That said, the strike tiles on Latvia could use a buff...though of note, they CAN change other colored tiles to black when no available black tiles exist. Talk about advantage doom.
  • The reason for the request is that I think it would necessitate more strategic gameplay.

    Presently, if you are at high level and facing off against other high level opponents (assuming no boosts), there is no reason to collect environment tiles, as they're simply not worth it...

    For example, I currently run a team for which no character has a decent black ability.
    ...but given the choice between matching, black tiles or environment, I'll choose the damage everytime (if even just to remove the black from play if I know the opponent has a decent black-ability character).

    But, if the environment tiles worked towards a worthwhile result, the decision may be tougher...

    ...plus there is the immersion factor: it makes sense that higher level characters would be able to exploit their environment better than less experienced characters...
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    That, and the AI prioritizes environment tiles, even when they're not useful