Grinding is such a bore

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I'm at that stage now where I have to do a lot of grinding to get my main three characters up enough to tackle the really big challenges. The problem is we get twenty points per fight no matter who we tackle. It's far more efficient to battle very low level opponents with your highest level characters because the fights are over so quickly. I can earn sixty points against two level 1 enemies in the same time it takes to earn twenty points in a more evenly-balanced match. This becomes more a chore than a game, so something needs to be done.

One suggestion is to adjust the reward to the difficulty. Tally up the levels of both teams and if they are roughly even then the prize is 20 points. If the enemy is five lower then it's 10 points, if ten lower then 5 points, You can also increase the payoff to promote more challenging matches, so if the enemy is ten points higher the prize is 30-40 points, and so on.

Another possibility is random street encounters. This has been a staple of Marvel for a long time, quick one-issue fights to fill the gaps between larger story lines. When a player taps the "Random Fight" button the game takes one, two or three of his lowest characters and pits them again opponents who are one or two levels higher. The text could say that your characters went out for a pizza but on their way encountered The Sinister Six (minus three), or you get in an argument with The Thing over football teams and it gets out of hand, or you're enjoying lunch at a sidewalk cafe when Lady Stilt Man steps on your table while fleeing a daylight robbery. Some of the most enjoyable Marvel comics were one-shots like these. While it's still grinding there will be more diversity so it won't be as dreadfully repetitious.


  • Have you looked beyond the Prologue tab to the other things that are going on? It sounds like you've completed the Prologue (and thus everything is now worth 20 ISO to you, since you've gotten all the other rewards). Go PvP, or play the current challenge (currently the red ISO chapter, other times there's been heroic mode version of the Prologue). The red ISO challenge is pretty efficient since a first-time complete is 250 ISO, plus the other rewards.
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    I've been playing, and enjoying, all of the Featured content and SHIELD Versus matches, but I always hit the wall when they throw massively overpowered opponents at me. The only way to win a match with them is to grind-grind-grind and work my way up by playing 1st level opponents a thousand times, which is the quickest way to grind so far.

    Spending hero points on new covers is a losing proposition because all I ever get is **** I can't use because those characters or stats are already maxed out. If I'm supposed to spend 1000 hero points to get a cover then I damn well better get something I can use. Until I have that assurance I'm never buying a cover, ever!

    So it's nothing but grinding low-levels until the next challenge comes along, then more grinding after I hit the wall there. Just wish they'd make grinding more interesting.
  • Who said anything about buying covers?

    You save your HP for buying cover slots. Period. Until you get enough slots and HP that training powers is a viable option.

    And, again, it's time you stop playing the Prelude and start playing some of the Tournaments.
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    I do play the tournaments, at least as far as I can. While I do win the occasional useful cover it's usually HP or one-star covers I can't use except for selling for 100 iso, which I'd get anyway for grinding ten 1-level fights in roughly the same amount of time.

    I don't mind grinding unless it's too repetitious or too easy. Right now the best way to grind is both of those.