Corrupt save data

I have had my game repeatedly corrupt the save data since Saturday, 10/19. My phone lost power while playing initially. I then restarted and chose continue instead of overwrite in hopes my game could be replaced. Went through the tutorial and suffered another crash which corrupted my game. It seems that if the game gets interrupted your save can be corrupted. I was in the tutorial this morning and could not progress due to a misplaced tile hint not allowing me to remove the window or make matches so I chose force quit and that corrupted my data.
Throughout the process I was still receiving the one star tournament updates about losses and attacks but could not see anything. This morning I got some rewards from that. Then the game crashed and I lost them again. All of the things lost were possible to be paid for via cash purchases which is very troubling since it can be wiped out so easily. This severely affects my thoughts on the game.


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    If you haven't already, please contact or use the Feedback button in the game about these issues. It could be related to your device as crashes/corruptions of that magnitude haven't been seen before, but we can look into it.
  • Hey,

    just wanted to add that the same thing happened to me. When I tried to power through the corrupt file, all my characters were still gone but I ended up getting my reward from the weekly matches. Since I paid for some of my characters, I can confirm that what he said can happen.

    I sent an email to but kind of annoyed that this happened right during the start of weekend matchups.