Redraw the Bullseye side profile art

Okay, now that I'm using Bullseye basically every fight in Top Shot, I can't help but notice that his side profile is really creepy. He's grinning like joker and his eyes are closed, and his double chin is basically glowing. I'm going to have nightmares if this doesn't get changed...

Please get the artist to... touch him up slightly.


  • icon_lol.gif I thought the same thing...
    ...but I think he's meant to be creepy in an insaniac sort of way. He is a villain afterall...
  • I don't remember the exact line but as the first fight between the X-Men and Dark Avengers was starting Cyclops told Angel to transform in to Archangel and "take that madman off the field" referring to Bullseye.

    So in a fight against a god (Ares), Daken, Venom, Moonstone, Osborn (I believe in his Iron Patriot armor) and the freaking Sentry (amongst others) one of the best tacticians in the Marvel universe made Bullseye a priority.

    I think the artwork is appropriate.
  • While we're nitpicking profile art:
    Anyone else think Thor looks overly boyish? He's got the steroidal muscles going on, but the face of an angry 10-year-old! icon_lol.gif