Response Time on Tickets?

Pleefs Posts: 122
I had put in an in game ticket both in game and via email regarding restoring a lost save. I had gotten a quick response telling me that it could be restored and asked for some information which I returned. It's been a few days now and I haven't heard anything yet. I realize the timing crossed into Thanksgiving and support may have had the holiday, but does anyone have any idea how long it takes to restore a save? (If this has happened to you before and you had it restored.) It's killing me that I'm missing the current events on this particular device! icon_neutral.gif


  • While I don't have experience with this particular issue, I've found that once you get an email response they're pretty prompt about finishing out the ticket (usually a day). But, as you noted, you hit the Thanksgiving holiday, so I wouldn't expect much until Monday at the earliest.
  • Pleefs
    Pleefs Posts: 122
    Yup, looks like the delay may well have been because of Thanksgiving weekend. It was all fixed just now and my game's been restored, with some extra HP to thank me for the wait! I even got all the prizes I earned from the Reinforcement tournament as soon as the game loaded up! I thought parts of the game would've been lost.

    You guys are great! icon_e_biggrin.gif