Because heroic tokens were too cheap, I guess?

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Sorry for the sarcasm, but the inflation in this game is getting annoying. Basically, hp doesn't mean anything. I realize that the devs are trying to find a profitable price for things that makes people buy product, but when such a large price increase hits maybe there could be some kind of attached perk to lessen the impact or something. Pretty much I had just stopped spending hp on cover slots and started just trashing anyone I didn't absolutely love, spending my hp on heroic tokens instead to get better cards. Great strategy, but now you guys have shut that down too. I thought I had saved enough to buy a heroic token, but nope the price doubled. I realize prices are going to go up, but I think that it would go a long way toward making the community a little less angry if you gave out 100 hp or something every time you jacked up prices, that way we didn't suddenly become poor overnight.


  • There's been a lot of discussion about this in General already; that said -- buying Tokens is a very, very bad buy, even at the old price. Save your HP for cover slots or upgrading covers you have. Mostly the former -- if you don't have 28 slots yet, you don't have enough slots for every character.
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    I appreciate the suggestion, but I am a casual player. If I took all the hp I have spent up to this point I might get 1 or 2 power upgrades out of a 3 star character, which are the only ones I have problems leveling up since 1 and 2 star comes pretty easily through regular hero tokens and missions. As for cover slots, I might make room if I get another character I would use but I am pretty much good with who I have now. Unless I get X Force Wolverine or something I have no use for cover slots. I realize that most people want to collect them all, but it would have been nice if they had given a little "sorry" gift when they increased the price of cover slots as well. This suggestion isn't specific to this price increase.
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    One thing that might lessen the blow a bit would have been to increase the selling price of cards a bit so the bad pulls hurt less. Something like this:

    1* sells for 100 ISO (unchanged)
    2* sells for 125 ISO + 25 HP
    3* sells for 150 ISO + 50 HP
    4* sells for 200 ISO + 100 HP

    This would offset the 300 HP cost a little when you get something you don't plan to keep, but wouldn't upset the economy (in my opinion).

    That said, I prefer the 200 HP price they're floating in the new Top Shots tournament this weekend.