Tournament Rewards - Frustrating

I will start by saying that I don't play other free to play games, so I don't know how other games handle these things. I also enjoy this game in general, and have spent money on it and would like to continue to do so, but the current tournament setup is extremely frustrating.

I feel like there should be a separation between the progression rewards and the tournament ranking rewards, in that a loss that drops you farther back in the tournament standings for those rewards doesn't also stop you from getting the progression rewards. From what I've seen in some of these, people don't even get close to some of the higher point progression rewards, and how could you? Once you get to a certain level, you get attacked so many times, you are dropped way back and it's impossible to keep up.

The worst is the current setup of having the You Got Attacked screen popping up before progression rewards are awarded. For example, I'm at 495 and win a match awarding 10 points. It says that I'm at 505 but before the screen for the 500 point reward comes up, I get You Got Attacked! Then I'm dropped down 25 points, and I miss out on the 500 point reward that I should have just won.

It would be a lot less frustrating if the attacks and losses didn't affect progression rewards, just the actual tournament rewards.


  • I agree.

    I have a hard time holding on <100 rank. When I get attack, i lose 20 to 30 points. When I attack them back, I only receive around 10 points, i should atleast get my points back

    To find people attack, I rarely have anyone that gives me over 10 points. Alot of 1 - 8 point matches.