Alliance Recruitment Thread



  • JimboJambo
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    40Below are looking for a daily PVE player. We are a top 100 PVE alliance. The only requirement is progression in each PVE event. PvP is optional. We are also a friendly alliance with lots of experienced players.
  • cydyr
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    Hello RogueKnights (private group),  is a casual laid back alliance.  We chat thru the in game system. We're in the rebuilding phase as many of our veterans have left. We're looking for casual daily player (2*, 3*, 4*, or 5* land). Only other reqiurement is full contribute during alliance events, for max rewards. Pvp play isn't a must.  We have 10 slots open! If you're still looking please check us out.   RogueKnights 
  • LFChikarason
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    All New X Men (no dashes) is looking for two new members, Lost some folks for not playing in the boss event and for months plus! Only requirements are:

    play once a day (seven days no play will result in removal)

    all hands on deck for boss events

    We are casual play with no PVP (usually finish 211th place on average) or PVE (usually finish 355th place on average) requirements. We have a Facebook group shared with two other alliances and a just started Discord. Please message me here before sending a request to the group in game.

  • Feliz
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    We are full, thank you everyone :)
    mption 21 (private alliance) seeking regular players. We got all rewards in last alliance event with only 18 players! Desire at least all 3* & 2* characters in your roster. Join now and get all the covers in alliance events.

    Focus: daily log ins (most days at least) and alliance events

    Pls pm me to apply or just apply if your roster is okish 😀
  • Gnarlzwhite
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    *Alliance full, but key an eye out!*

    Newly formed public Gen-X Men is looking for active players fed up with dead alliances. We each made full progression in our previous alliance so are striking out on our own! Mid- casual but active, looking for fun players to chill with and go hardcore on monthly bosses with.
  • Mystra
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    PhoenixRisen is looking for 2 active players. We place in the top 100 on coalition events consistently. We are a group of casual and friendly players. All we ask is that you play in the weekly coalition events.
  • CrimsonHawk007
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    Hi everybody!
    Team Awesome is looking to fill 1 open position.

    We are a good balance between active/casual that is serious about the team/alliance events, and we've been around for several years now.  (If we were to play out after receiving all the team rewards, we would probably be in the top 200.)

    Things we are looking for:
    1) Daily Play of some sort (either PVP or PVE).  Obviously, the more you play, the better your roster will be, and we are more than willing to help people get better.  We have several members who started as 2* and now are 4 or 5*.
    2) Team/Alliance events are required.  We love these events the best and try to work as fast as possible to complete them.  (However, we also like to promote a good play/rest balance, so if something urgent comes up, let us know, and we can work with you.)
    3.  Chat isn't required, but it is fun to keep up on our progress or ask questions about what to use for certain puzzles or events.

    PM crimsonhawk007 if you are interested, and we look forward to adding some great people to our team soon!

  • themoneymaker
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    Hi everyone,

    I've made an alliance for the first time since 5 years ago when I was a daily player and am looking for some people to join,

    I've been playing the game daily again for the past 3-4 months.

    It's just me at the moment and I'm building a casual alliance where playing as often as you can while having fun is encouraged but obviously it's understood life comes first.

    Alliance name: Gym Leaders

    Anyone and everyone is welcome at the moment as we're just starting out 😊😊 contact me on here by replying or dm if you have any questions, in game name is themoneymaker for reference

    Looking for some fun people to start an alliance with!
  • Bzhai
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    A spot has just opened up for Aop Elite. We're looking for a dedicated player that hits 1.25x consistently in every event. 

    We're a T25 alliance with dreams of reaching T10 status. We have a real life priority policy and accommodate members who need to take time off for vacation or real life stuff. 

    If you think this suits you and are in it for the long haul contact us on LINE: 

  • ironsmudgie
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    All full again 

    ThunderKitties is looking for players.

    We are SUPER casual.

    Play what you want, no pressure.

    Currently only 18 members, but and a good number of us consistently hits max progression in all PVE, and plays all PVP to at least the HP reward, so you will get stuff.

    We are about 3/4 way through round 3 of new Gorr Alliance Event. 

    Anyway, if you are looking for an alliance that is genuinely about only playing when/what you want, and has little to no communication, join up.  Our only real requirement is to participate in Alliance Events
  • İnekobasi
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    Hello everyone . We are looking alliance members for inekobasi. We just need daily players who play alliance events and reach 900k points.  Our alliance  is inekobasi . We are waiting for you. 
  • droopi
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    - WinterCap (1 slot)
    - Vet players
    - Centered on PVE event
    - Well established 4* roster and up
    - Daily Player

    I am the commander of the "Wintercap" team. We are a vet team with only Rank above 120.
    We are looking for 1 more player with rank above 120 to complete the team.
    Our rule :
    - play freely everyday
    - play PVE team event with max progression
    Apply and join directly in the game to try us.
    See you there.

  • Hookooekoo
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    Do you like tacos? Well, DeadpoolsTacos, part of the large Lock and Load family of alliances, is looking for 1 permanent player!

    We are a Hybrid Alliance that places T50 in PVP and T50 in PVE. Requirements are 1.3X progression in PVE and prefer 900+ in PVP (but we can flex that number for a motivated PVE player). Full boss event participation is required.

    We are a laid back alliance that likes to have fun but we do reach our placement goals. Line is great for communication, but not required. Please pm with interest or further questions! Thanks!

    EDIT: position filled
  • BoeserLobo
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    Ultimate Power is a private international alliance. Our focus is on pve (pvp also allowed). We have 1 spot free at the moment. If you do full progress in pve, play daily and your scl is over 100, you could be the right one to join us.
    pm me or feel free to join, if it fits, I gonna confirm you.
  • 2016Dexter
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    If you are still looking for an alliance, StoryPVE is looking for one player at the moment. We ask for 130% progression for each event. We hover between T40 - T60 depending on player participation. Used to be T25 easily, but are currently rebuilding. PVP is optional. No purchases are required.

    If you don't have required characters or something comes up with work, family, etc., please let us know.  We understand everyone has a life outside of MPQ.

    Thank you for your interest.
  • BoeserLobo
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    Ultimate power is a private international alliance with 1 open place.
    our focus is pve, it‘s also allowed to do pvp.
    we need daily players with full progress in pve (scl >100].
    no payments or anything else needed.
    we normally finish about top100, alliance events with full progress normally in about 36 hours.
    if you are interested pm me or join us and if it fits, I gonna confirm you.
  • Mystra
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    PhoenixRisen is looking for an active player. We place in the top 100 on coalition events consistently. We are a group of casual and friendly players. All we ask is that you play in the weekly coalition events.
  • Glockoma
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    Seeking daily players for Elektralax

    Casual alliance with feeders to our two sister alliances, Elektralytes (t100 pvp and pve) and Elektralyter (Pve focused), should you ever want more out of the rewards. 

    No requirements here, we have about 15/20 daily players. Alliance is over a year old or so, but founded by vets.

    Would love to recruit more 5* players to join our mostly 5* alliance here. 

    Please feel free to join: currently 2 spots available