TopGuns is searching for you -> 3 spots in Alpha, 0 spots in Prime and 2 spots in Elite

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Topguns is a family of 5 alliances.
  • Topguns Alpha (top 50 pve and Top 100 pvp and Season)
  • Topguns Prime (Top 100/Top 50 pve)
  • Topguns Elite (Top 250 pve)
  • Topguns Casual
  • TG Sanctuary
Alpha: top 50 pve and top 100 pvp (events and season) hybrid and is our most competetive alliance. (Line or discord is
Prime: top 100 pve alliance with no focus on pvp play.  (Line or discord is mandetory)
Elite: top 250 pve alliance with lower requirements than Prime and no pvp focus. (Line or discord is advised)
Casual: chill and starter alliance with no pve and pvp requirements, just daily log in and have fun.
Sanctuary: the sanctuary retirement alliance, play daily and go full on alliance events

Every alliance will have requerements according to the alliance goal, you will find them on our website.

If you are intrested in joining any of our alliances PM me (Th4vinci) here or on Line/Discord.