Gwenpool can't Fire Chekov if one target airborne, one dead, one alive.

In the Jet Set Go event, I killed one enemy, Main Event Hulk (enemy) was airborne, and enemy Nova was visible and a valid target for other abilities.

However, Gwenpoole's "Chekov's Gun" wouldn't fire, saying there were no valid targets. As soon as ME Hulk landed, I could fire the ability, and one shot hit Nova.

Nova was a valid target the entire time. It should have been able to fire the ability even if ME Hulk wasn't targettable.


  • abmoraz
    abmoraz Posts: 708 Critical Contributor
    That's been reported before.  It happens in multiple ways:
    - 1 dead + 2 alive and send the front one airborne
    - 1 dead + 1 airborn + iHulk (in front) and iHulk dies and respawns
    - 2 dead (one of which can go airborn; ex. Vulture or Karolina Dean) + 5cap & 5cap uses "on your feet" to revive a teammate that then goes airborn