Game crashes after R227 update

BzhaiBzhai Posts: 156 Tile Toppler
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After the recent update the game keeps crashing on me upon entering battle. Android user here on tablet. 

Tried to play the game on iOS on my phone without updating but it just got stuck at loading screen. 

(Edit) I've updated the game on my iOS and it's working fine. Still not working on Android, below are my tablet details:

Model: Huawei BTV-DLO9
Android version: 7.0


  • iuchibaniuchiban Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
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    +1 here. Android phone user here. Update went fine, but now any time I start a battle, the game crashes.

    Haven't tried my tablet yet; if that doesn't work either then I'm screwed :(

    EDIT: iPad works fine after update. Phone details:
    Nokia 3.1
    Android version 10
  • AdamMagusAdamMagus Posts: 362 Mover and Shaker
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    I am having the same crashing issue with the R227 update.
    System: ASUS ZenPad 3S 10
    OS: Android 7.0
    MPQ Version: R227
    Issue: The game crashes as soon as the tile board finishes loading.
    I've tried all of the following:
    • The event played does not seem to matter, it crashes on Deadpool's Daily (Behemoth Burrito node),  Knull Hypothesis PVP, and on Puzzle Gauntlet, so safe to say it crashes on every node/event.
    • Turning off Tile Physics and Character Effects did not help
    • Turning off sounds effects and volume did not help
    • Force closing the game and clearing the game's Cache and Data did not help
    • Uninstalling the game and reinstalling did not help
    And the last thing I tried was to install it on my phone (Pixel 3 with Android 11), the game works!, if the two people posting above me could confirm their Android OS versions we may have narrowed down part of the problem

    EDIT: I placed a support ticket, D3 Go! Customer Support replied and mentioned that the team is aware of the issue and they are currently investigating, all we can do is wait

  • Joe4521Joe4521 Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    I'm having the same problem with the game crashing. I am also using an Asus tablet running Android 7.0. I tried loading the game on an old Samsung phone using Android 5.0.1, and it works on there without crashing.
  • carol63carol63 Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Having the same issue, on DragonTouch 10 Android tablet.Running 8.1.0.

  • DashivaDashiva Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    Same issue here, on Huawei m2 with android 5.1.1 and on LG G4 with android 6.0, crash when tiles appear. 
  • Bloody_AlbatrosBloody_Albatros Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Same here

    Model: Huawei BTV-DLO9
    Android version: 7.0
  • EienRyuuEienRyuu Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Welp, add me in the pile of other users with the same issue. xD

    It crashes ONLY when you start a battle.

    Android 7.0
    Sony Xperia XA.
  • derl1derl1 Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
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    hi guys , 5 days in a row with the same problem
    tablet lenovo tb-8304f1
    android 7.0
    saludos a todos.
  • DashivaDashiva Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    Did they tell if they were doing some kind compensation for this bug that prevented play (and rewads) for a whole month??  Have i missed it? 
  • LakeStoneLakeStone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,122 Site Admin
    Dashiva said:
    Did they tell if they were doing some kind compensation for this bug that prevented play (and rewads) for a whole month??  Have i missed it? 
    Not sure where CS ended up with this but you can reach out to customer support via [email protected] for review of your account if you were effected.  Thanks!
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