Shang-Chi combo points bad info?

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Playing PvP with ShangChi and Juggs with Karnak.

S-C did a couple of moves with pink and red, he should have a streak going - but as my turn starts, Karnak deploys his 4th turn power, launching a couple of crit tiles... and it tells me that his combo points have been lost.

However, upon the next purple combo, the number goes up appropriately.


  • HoundofShadow
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    It's not really a bug. What you saw was the banner showing lost Combo Points of the AI Shang Chi, not yours. 

    I think some other characters have similar display bugs where the banner was displayed in the wrong sequence.
  • hipUK
    hipUK Posts: 43 Just Dropped In
    Thanks - you're probably right that it's the AI's status.  I'd argue that it's still a bug if the displayed info is coming at the wrong time and confusing the situation...