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    My first thought is "hp doesn't seem high for a new release". Recent releases have been upwards of 60k health iirc.  

    But that passive damage reduction with "active allies" of a specific team affiliation. The only teams I know of are shield, team cap, team ironman and sinister 6. Seeing as they are also villain. It seems only logical that it's Sinister6 as the team.  

    Assuming the damage reduction would be 15% per ally at level 5 and ignoring themselves (says OTHER allies), then that would be 30% more effective hitpoints. Which means at level 450 champed the hp would be 74,740 ish. Which is closer to new release hitpoints.  

    Will have to see this in action before I judge how strong they can be. GreenGoblins biggest weakness is low HP, so atleast this character can tank 1 or 2 of his colours (black and yellow?).  

    Gedoom with a yellow battery can make for a frustrating team on defense. Shame he doesn't have the affliation.
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    DAZ0273 said:
    So assuming the wikipedia entry is correct (and I have no reason to think it isn't), I just found out something interesting. It would appear that Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) has never actually featured on a team actually called The Sinister Six. His first appearance is listed as being the 6th incarnation but in fact is called The Sinister 12 because you guessed it, there were 12 members. Norman does not appear next until the 12th version of the group where most of these were holograms and they have far more members than 12. Then Osborn shows up again in the 15th grouping which has 60 members!
    The only time he is ever part of a group which has 6 members are in alternate reality timelines such as Marvel Zombies and Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse where he is part of the bad guy team but I don't believe they are ever called by that name.

    Better name would be the terrible / terrifying 12.
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    Venomous said:
    Many are unsure but I am certain this is Electro. He would finally complete the 5 star Sinister Six trio, he makes countdown tiles for Green Goblin to protect, and the colors are befitting for him. Honestly, if the numbers are good enough he could make a Sinister Six team become somewhat popular. Put him with Doc Ock or Green Goblin and it'll be very difficult to kill him. It's uncertain how much damage negation it is too. 

    The problem though is I don't think either Sinister Six character is very good and we don't have any very powerful 4 stars either. Even if the numbers for him are good, the question is whether he has a Sinister Six member to partner with. 
    Why Electro? He wasn't a member of the Six. If this is a Sinister Six member it should be Rhino.

    For the record the Six are:
    Doc Ock
    Green Goblin
    Kraven the Hunter

    They all are here already except for Rhino, so it makes sense its gonna be him.
    Electro is the second incarnation of Sinister Six along with Hobglobin.   From the official marvel.com list.  https://www.marvel.com/teams-and-groups/sinister-six
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    does the yellow power's passive work against 4* juggernaut's ability to do damage to everyone when he makes a match? 
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    If its truly Electro, Vulture would make a great partner. Constantly airborne to avoid damage, feeds Green to Electro, and has the Sinister Six affiliation. 
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    As a few have guessed, the next character is Electro, this time of the Francine Frye variety!
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    I don’t understand low HP with damage reduction. It seems like a total waste of a passive. 
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    He has different powers but he just fills Scarlet Witch's role on the team.  Pair them with Okoye (or Apocalypse, I guess) only when you're fighting Hulk. 

    Against any non-Hulk team, both Scarlet Witch and this guy are somewhere between mediocre and awful.

    Strongly disagree in that comparison.
    Scarlett Witch has passive AP generation in any color at a low cost. Passive damage every turn based on enemy damage deal. Enemy skill denial. Passive damage reduction to the team.
    This guy only generates yellow when hit by a team attack. His damage reduction is only if he has a certain team affiliation on the team.
    I don't think everybody would have busted their hoardes for Scarlett Witch if she was awful in any situation not involving iHulk.
    SW passive AP generation is generally just used to keep Okoye topped up on yellow.  Her passive damage and damage reduction is extremely low unless you're getting hit by an AOE+a cascade from Hulk every turn.  Her blue power is overcosted and difficult to keep on the board.

    Try fighting her using any non-Hulk team and see how easy she is to kill.  She's a cupcake when you're using boosted 5*.  She did almost immediately drive Hulk out of the meta, because she just absolutely shreds him, but she's bad against anything else.

    The fact that a bunch of people went all in for her doesn't make her better...MPQ groupthink is quite strong.  A bunch of people went all in on the Dr Doom/Captain Marvel/Hela combo too, and they're bad.

    Anyway my point is, given that SW has completely murdered Hulk, why do we need another exclusive Hulk counter who only works with Okoye?

    Seems like everyone 'hated' iHulk (from what I have read on the forums, odd then that so many used that fast team and now we hear complaints that it is gone).

    So no, one (SW) and two (Knull) nerfs aren't enough, let's make sure it is gone for good!

    Next up: triple BRB (tile) nerf-through-character-release please!
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    Her powers hit fairly hard!
    ~18K + tile damage if all 3 CD's go off
    ~38K if she meets the team up requirement
    Even has 50% damage reduction with 2 other villains which will really help with her low health and a lot easier to get than Sinister 6 teammates.
    Guessing 5/5/3 unless you face iHulk team in which case even the Yellow strike tile is at least 1300 strength.
    A solid addition to any roster and I bet she works great in a pick 3 with Hulkoye since she (hopefully?) eliminates team damage from iHulk dying and gives you an outlet for Black/Green.
    P.S. Dev's clearly trolling us by putting iHulk in her release store since he's not even a villain :D
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    So she gains 25% per villain. That is another thing, limiting her to only sinister six would be a suicide.
    That is a lot wider than PX, although PX has the AP punishment.
    Her black can hit hard. Her yellow can create really cheap heavy strikes.
    The art looks great. 
    So, what about the clues now?
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    The new 5 star special store is Electro, dr octopus, and ihulk. They never had any stores for people to get hulk after his initial release and now they finally do it when Wanda already counters him and they put him in the same store with the second character that shuts him down. Nice troll d3
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    SnowcaTT said:

    Seems like everyone 'hated' iHulk (from what I have read on the forums, odd then that so many used that fast team and now we hear complaints that it is gone).

    So no, one (SW) and two (Knull) nerfs aren't enough, let's make sure it is gone for good!

    Next up: triple BRB (tile) nerf-through-character-release please!

    I think the biggest iHulk nerf, tbh, was boosted 5*s.  You can still play iHulkOye against two 550+ 5*s, but man it's a lot tougher.  SW definitely widened people's options in the Lighting Rounds/Shield Sim, though.
    I don't think BRB needs even a soft nerf, I hardly ever see him in PVP.  I sometimes use him myself, but only pretty rarely. OTOH soft nerfs are only as good as the characters they are on, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
    Regarding Electro - seems decent, maybe shake the meta up a bit?  Her black is pretty outstanding - it hits stupid hard even without the condition, and if you meet the condition it's absolutely amazing.  The condition is hard to meet unless you use a character that drains TUs, like SW or Onslaught, either of whom would make a reasonable partner for her.
    She's definitely not bad.  I don't think she's better than SW, whom she is replacing, but she's a lot better than Ronan and even Knull, I think.  Knull seems good on paper, but in practice he's just so damn slow...
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    Over half the teams I saw on last day of sim were brb kitty polaris
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    Yay Electro! Disappointed it isn't Max but but oh well.

    Damn that black hits hard! Electro + Onslaught sounds fun.
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    She can tank for Ihulk Green and black. Gains yellow attack power for Okoye when her yellow reduces AOE team damage. The damage absorb could be nice letting Ihulk revive a few times and not punish your own team so hard. This trio gives you a black and red nuke, plus Okoye boosting damage. Seems like Electo, Ihulk, Okoye could be a lot of fun together. 

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    GrimSkald said:
     Should be Max Dillon as the 5* we deserve.   If you guys are running low on female villains there are so many in the Marvel canon that did not replace a male version.   Madame Masque, Black Mariah, Typhoid Mary, Lady Deathstrike, Enchantress, Sin, etc. which can be 5* characters.

    And if you guys bring in 4* female villains like Anaconda and Black Mamba, it can pave the way to bring in the rest of the Serpent Society and Hydra with a 5* Madame Hydra.  It can even be a new campaign story mode with the Serpent War.   The heroes involved with the story are already in game, only need the villains and make the campaign really really hard.  It will rejuvinate interest in the game and attract new players ;)

    I'll be honest with you, I had no idea that there was a female version of Electro, but when I saw that this version of Electro was different I kind of shrugged and said, "Meh, why not?"  I've even read some of Spider-Man's plotlines involving Electro in back in the 80s and 90s, and I honestly could not tell you a single thing about the guy other than his powers.  Not his back story, personality, goals (other than "steal money" and "beat Spider-Man",) nothing.
    I think every spiderman villain has been personified like that until the 2000s when the stories slowly got better.  Electro went from a B-list villain to A-list.   He's insane and got enhanced powers like Mysterio and Hobgoblin from another dimension.

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    tonypq said:
    She can tank for Ihulk Green and black.

    Why would you want her to tank Green/Black? With those 2 teammates she gets no damage reduction and will be killed quickly with her low health.
    Instead you want THEM tanking everything and ideally iHulk dying as often as possible since Electro is reducing / eliminating the damage from iHulk while generating Yellow for Okoye (or her strike tile). So she should be hiding behind them and firing Black/Green.
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    Free of Charge - 5  AP
    Francine grounds herself and drains the energy all around her, channeling the excess into the earth. Creates a strength 189 Strike tile in the bottom row. (Max level creates a strength 759 Strike tile)
    (PASSIVE) Whenever an enemy power would deal damage to Electro's entire team, reduce that damage by 884 (to a minimum of 1) and generate 5 Yellow AP. (Max level reduces 3553 damage)

    Unless you are referring to the 25% to 50% thing, which doesn't specifically state 'enemy damage'.