How/when should I transition from 3* to 4*

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So I was/am in 3* land for a while. Transitioning from 2* to 3* was not hard at all because there's only 14 2* characters and I started getting into 3* land easily. But here's the thing, now that I'm well into 3* (but not nearly close to rostering them all yet) I have champed quite a few 3* chars now, and more of them are waiting in line to be champed as well.

The thing is that with one of these champed 3*s (Patch) I've gotten to level 183 which is where the 3*s give you a cover for a 4* char. And now I am at the point where more slots are getting expensive and I just can't afford to waste slots on characters I won't invest into.

Patch already gave me a cover for 4* Logan aka X-Wolverine. I chose to raise him for his board-clearing abilities and I got a few more covers for him as well so he's coming up nicely. But with my second biggest 3* which is Daken I have him at 175. I'll eventually get him at 183 which will give me a cover for his half-sister X-23. Now, this puts me in a big dilemma as I don't know whether to start raising some 4*s (the ones coming from champed 3*s at least) or just start selling those covers and finish my 3* roster first.
What is recommended here? Should I start selling these covers? 4* char covers for some chars don't come by very often. It's easy to ignore accumulated shards because they don't expire, but the covers do, so that poses the question. I might never see a X-23 cover again for quite a while. She seems like a decent character. I realize the same question will plague me for every cover that my champed 3*s start giving to me. What should I do now?


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    The old tried and tested method was that you champed all the 3* first before going to 4* land. However, with the event of the Polaris meta, it seems most advocate champing her at all costs and then worry about everything else afterwards. Polaris sadly has no feeder.
    The first thing to know is that Wolverine (X-Force) covers feature in Daily Resupply's between Day 149 and 180, so that is 3 extra covers for nothing right there (if you haven't already got some from this). With covers available that easily he is worth hanging onto. He isn't the best but his Surgical Strike can hit hard and best of all he is regularly featured in boss events. He is also normally  a regular feature in the  Fan Favourite stores at Anniversary (we don't know why!)
    X-23 is pretty much a relic although some like her healing. Her trap tile does good damage but is so hard to get matched and her damage output is pretty poor. Unless you have the space I would not necessarilly worry about her. There are much better 4* options out there although obviously it is going to be galling to give up covers.
    Feeders that are worth rostering include: Rocket & Groot from R3G, Medusa from Kamala Khan and maybe Valkyrie from Ragnarok.
    The most important question is: do you have your 2* farm going? If not then I would set that up so you can churn rewards and build your 3's.
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    Yah, about that. I had stacked 400+ shards of Polaris and was about to let them ignored there (because I had no slot for her), but then I got a Polaris cover yesterday. So I decided to sell the one cover of X-23 I had, and recruited her (the cover was for one of the passives and I put the shards onto the other passive, the purple one which I believe is her most important one). I wasn't sure about keeping X-23 but I do realize that having to choose one of either X-23 or Polaris is basically a no-brainer, so I axed X-23.

    There are more of those 4* covers looming over the horizon though. I recently champed IM40 and Cap and they'll give Hulkbuster (kind of disappointed, I was expecting Riri) and Bucky aka Winter Soldier. 3* Spidey gives Miles, and Wanda gives Quake. Deadpool obviously gives his own X-Force version (and Domino shards, but then again shards are no problem you can just let them there).

    Regarding the 2* farm. I had champed all 2*s except Bag-Man Spidey (doesn't seem like I'm missing much of not having him in my roster, but then again dunno who is fed by him), none of them were near 144 yet, but then I sold a few of them - Moonstone, Bullseye, Thor, Wolverine and Cap to get some slots back. Those slots went for a couple of 5*s that I deemed necessary for PvE and maybe PvP (IM XLVI and Daredevil) and some of 4*s covers for P-X (because I was trying to assemble the "Charlie's Angels winfinite" team), X-Wolvie, Riri and Laura (the last of which I decided to sell in exchange for Polaris as I said). Currently, I have X-Logan at 4 covers and Riri at 2 so... doesn't seem a wise move to sell them now after having come this far on them? Xavier might go, but I'm not sure about letting him go and not having the winfinite. I then got those 2*s back though.

    So basically you're saying the only 4* that's worth going out of my way to complete 3*s is Polaris. Fine. That means no more getting 4* covers now.

    Lets talk about the remaining 3*s next to get champed and lets see which ones are the most "useless" so I can leave them for the last.

    Currently I have champed: Patch, Daken, Spidey, Wanda, Strange, Deadpool, IM40 and Cap.

    Next to come: I have Torch already at 140 I believe. His red is nice but I dunno about his other skills. I'll probably let him for the last though.
    Iron Fist
    Luke Cage

    And the other 3*s I have not rostered: Mags, Quicksilver, Cyke, Colossus, Hulk, Marvel, Elektra, Psylocke, Hawkguy, Bullseye etc.

    The ones I look forward to champ now are Kamala, Storm, Luke and Iron Fist, Thor and GSBW. I think those ones are important. Is this correct? The other ones, I'm not sure, but they all are at least with a few covers on them already. I read somewhere that there's a winfinite team with Ragnarok, but I dunno what this team is.

    Then you (or someone else) told me that Marvel + Hulk was a viable "anti-Polaris" team. So I should try to roster those guys next I guess?

    I have a cover for Knull unclaimed yet. Guess then I'll just sell him then. Well, didn't like him anyway lol
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    The good news is that it is Riri and Ragnarok who can form a winfinite team. You will need IM40 too which you have. It is not the best winfinite but it does work. You fire off recharge and chase blue & red whilst waiting for them to resolve (protecting as best you can), you then fire Magnetic Repulsors as many times as you can to get 30 red ap, then spam Rags red which will generate blue for Riri to turn back into charged red, etc etc.
    Polaris will work fine with any special tile makers so Patch, Daken, Spidey are all good partners for now.
    The truth regarding 4* covers at this point is the newer ones are more worth having for use in the 4E node for extra points in PvE. That isn't to say that there are not lots and lots of good 4's. Probably the next advice is chase 4* Grocket over any of the other 4's to go with Polaris.
    If you do eventually manage to assemble Charlie's Angels it is best with 5 in Prof X blue but most importantly you do not want Prof X to tank blue because you want to generate purple on a match 5 to keep it going. So you have to be careful how high you level Prof.
    I think it was somebody else with the Marvel + Hulk team against Polaris as I haven't seen that one myself. I guess both of them retaliate when taking damage which Polaris will dish out regularly which you can use to down her? Not sure.
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    DAZ0273 said:

    I think it was somebody else with the Marvel + Hulk team against Polaris as I haven't seen that one myself. I guess both of them retaliate when taking damage which Polaris will dish out regularly which you can use to down her? Not sure.
    I think they are using 3* CM + Polaris vs Polaris + BRB. The idea being to let CM get hit until her Red charges up and then fire it destroying all the enemy shield tiles which will then cause your Polaris do dish out a ton of damage and create a ton of shields for you. Her Black can obviously be used to stun either Polaris / BRB as required.
    My advice is to keep working on your 3* characters other than Polaris/Grocket (in other words set one or both of them as your 4* shard target). It's more important to roster the rest of the 3* than to roster a ton of mediocre 4* since you'll only get 1-2 covers for them before you really enter 4* land (if you do luck into a meta 4* character you should roster them).  Kamala, Fist and Cage are the 3 best ones you don't have champed yet.

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    Sounds like this link will help you plan this out better, too, so you can see the 2* -> 3* -> 4* feeders.