Simulator Unwinnable

I used to crush the simulator and claim the 2k prize. Now I can't even cross 1k... Kitty and Beta Ray are plaguing me.  I don't even know how to fix it... just sad lol


  • abmorazabmoraz Posts: 695 Critical Contributor
    You need to focus fire on BRB.  Once he's gone, the rest becomes mop-up.  Most any stun-lock team will do it (boost your blue AP if needed for the later clears).
    What you can't take against that team is AoE nukes (like iHulk).  Thorkoye *can* work, but you have to be judicious (and lucky) with when to fire their powers.  Poorly timed Thor-Green and you lose.
  • UnsmashableTimUnsmashableTim Posts: 77 Match Maker
    Yeah. I do that strategy. Just tired of seeing them. Can't wait to get my own okoye and ihulk, but then I'm just as bad as them lol
  • UnsmashableTimUnsmashableTim Posts: 77 Match Maker
    I spent too much time away I suppose
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