Kiora - Jadzi Interaction Bug [Investigating]

BongoTheGrey Posts: 257 Mover and Shaker
Jadzi's not Invoked ability reads:
"If not Invoked - When an effect you control drains mana from your opponent's hand: Gain 7 mana."

Kiora's first PW ability at level 4 reads:
"Drain 6 mana from your opponent and gain 6 mana."

Basically by using Kiora's first with a not invoked Jadzi on the battlefield I should gain 13 mana. But that PW ability doesn't trigger Jadzi.

On the following link you can see that I had a 9 mana cost spell as my first card in hand. The spell didn't had any mana before I activated Kiora's first and after I did the card only gained the 6 mana from the PW ability.


  • Oktagon_Support
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    Hello @BongoTheGrey,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!


  • andrewvanmarle
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    The da ame goes for the rare ashiok vg that drains mana
  • Fireguy
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    Hello @Oktagon_Support.

    Bug notes have said this issue would be fixed in 5.2, it wasn't. Then was told it would be fixed in 5.3, unfortunately it is not fixed in this latest update either.

    We know these things can be tricky so no pressure, we understand - just wanted to bring this to light that this was NOT fixed as intended.

    Thanks! :)