Revengers C2C T100 pve is full

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Revengers C2C. Looking for solid PVE players who just want to play the game. No drama. Game chat only. We just ask that you play daily. Focus on PVE. Full participation on boss events please. Look us up if you want a more casual atmosphere. Thank you.


  • thatc4guy
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    We are still looking for daily casual players to join in! Very low stress, and having fun, the way the game was meant to be! Join us at Revengers C2C!
  • Zeref
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    Hi guys! I'm just wondering if you have any spots open in your alliance? I am a VIP member and i'm online everyday. All my 2 stars are champed and a few 3 stars as well. I'm tired of playing events and not getting rewards because my current alliance is not active. My username is zeref89. Best regards
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    hello, My name is burger man, i've played MPQ for years and quit for a while and recently return to play and looking for a home. i'm pretty comfortable playing in Level 9. i'm not shooting for high rank at this point, but at least for sure 100% progression on PVE events. i don't really play pvp nowadays. not sure if you still looking for player. personal ranking 104 in Honor Among Thieves. 
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    We are a top 100 occasional top 50 pve alliance. We require 110% progression on pve events. 120% on new releases. No pvp requirements. Message me in here if interested.
  • MackDan1
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    1.1 progression minimum.
    1.2 progression in new 4* release events. All in on Alliance events.
    No pvp requirements. Fun group.
    No drama.
  • MackDan1
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    2 spots open
  • MackDan1
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    1 spot open after HAT